In order to use DashMeterPRO for AC/pC please follow the instructions below:


Configuring the game (only for pCars on consoles)

- Turn on the WIFI on your Android and connect it to your home network.

- Start pCars and set the UDP value to "4" in "Options">"Gameplay". 

- Start DashMeterPro.


Configuring the game (only for pCars on PC)

- Launch the game, go in "Options" >> "Visuals" >> "Hardware" set "Use Shared Memory" to Yes.

Follow the instructions below.


Download and Extract (March 6th, 2017).

Unzip to your desired folder, the location is not important.

- (facultativeDashMeterCom needs Microsoft Visual 2013 x86 runtime to run.

You  can download it here: Microsoft Visual C++ 2013 Redistributable Package


Configuring Android

Turn on WIFI on your phone and connect it to your home network. You can also connect your Android directly to your computer by USB, please follow the instructions here USB Tethering.


Configuring DashMeterCom

Edit the "preferences.ini" file and enter the IP address of your Android device. You can find this IP address in DashMeterPRo, in the help section at the bottom of the preferences menu. If you are using the USB method this is not the correct IP address.


Test the connection

Launch DashMeterCom, if the communication between your PC and Android is established, DashMeterPro must display the message "DashMeterCom communication OK". Keep DashMeterCom running and launch the game.